The Ilocano haiku project is my attempt to write one Ilocano haiku every weekday for at least a year. So, check back every weekday for a new Ilocano haiku!

Why every weekday? I’m offline on weekends, that’s why.

Please click “like” if you like a haiku or leave comments if you have something to say.



IMPORTANT: These poems, except for poems found at the “Haiku By Friends” page, are the intellectual property of the author and is subject to intellectual property rights. Use of these poems are allowed provided proper reference to author (Jason Bagni) and source (www.theilocanohaikuproject.wordpress.com) are properly recognized and indicated.


8 Comments to “About”

  1. Thank you for sharing this interesting artform to us in the Saluyot Republic.

  2. this is great stuff, Haiku poetry is very interesting, Jason you are a GREAT writer 🙂

  3. kayat ko man dagitoy unay! agbiag ni Ilocano!

  4. hey jason, nalaingka metten! can you write me at firth_m[at]yahoo.ca so that i may send you some essays you might find interesting about the ilokano language? agyamanak

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